New book-eh! 9/4/2013

Are you joking? Said my friend when I said I was writing a new book.

No, I am serious, I replied.

What is it about? She asked still not able to believe me.

Well, what if I say it’s about you, I said stressing on you.

What?Are you crazy? She said appearing shocked.

Why not? I am sure you will make a good subject and people would love to relate to you, I said.

O.K. go ahead but you will have to first get my approval before publishing it, she warned.

I  promise but on one condition, I said.

What’s that now? She said not knowing what to expect.

Just that you will have to sponsor it, I said.

Not a problem. I  was wondering all these past years how to spend all that money I had made through granting favours while I was in power, she whispered.

n.meera raghavendra rao


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