The pet and the owner 6/5/2016

I don’t have to wait for the newspaper to arrive for the previous day’s news because I get breaking news literally unfolding before my eyes, hot and fresh to be consumed ,not with a pinch of salt I can assure you!We live in a private lane with two metal boards permanently fixed at the entrance (the gate to it is permanently kept open) which say TRESSPASSERS WILL BE PROSECUTED written in Tamil and English. However more often than not we do find encroachers coming in all shapes and sizes falling in two obvious categories –the defiant who break rules  and the illiterate to whom the three R’s make no sense. When I noticed a stranger loitering in the lane early morning he aroused my curiosity and when I went closer saw he was walking his dog which was commanding him instead of the other way round. I said it was a private lane which was meant to be used exclusively by the residents and this was displayed prominently at the entrance. If I expected him to be apologetic I was mistaken, so I was when his pet refused to budge, sitting  comfortably making its intention clear!He defended its action saying it  was frightened which amazed me for I was under the impression dogs always  barked  when their masters were given a dressing down.


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