Good old Masala dosa 26/2/2016

What would  people normally prefer to  order   when they are ravenous? I said  to my husband even as I was admiring the advertisement   by one of the lesser known restaurants in the city. The golden brown crisp masala dosa with a slight bulge in the middle placed in an oval plate with  three  chutneys and a small cup of sambar    appeared   really  yummy and  it made my mouth water.

Masala dosa, promptly came  his reply.

I  totally agree with you because it  is quite filling but  I wonder why  the  dosa you order in the restaurant doesn’t  match  the visual, I rued.

Well ,coming to think of it  all advertisements  are misleading ,  there is a dichotomy between what is promised and what you ultimately end up with, that  is if you happen to take them at their word, he chuckled.

Talking about the filling in the dosa, why can’t the chef  use  his imagination   to make it more rich and tasty  instead of  just using  potatoes  with a dash of onion ? All restaurants for that matter seem to be stereotyped , when it comes to preparing the  curry which goes by the name of ‘ masala’, which is anything but masala as it is so insipid,  I complained.

Why don’t you meet some of the chefs  and  teach them to make  better masala curry, he  suggested.

I shall certainly  do so. In fact  I will prepare the  ‘ masala’ with just enough potatoes  to bind  a couple of  chopped carrots, shelled peas and shredded onions and add a dash of garam masala  when done,  I said. I am sure  he will  seriously think of  turning the bland  curry  into something more appetizing, I said.

I appreciate your confidence but first you must convince the restaurant manager before advising the chef. Let the manager first taste the curry you prepare and then if you are able to convince  him, the rest is easy,   he advised.

n.meera raghavendra rao



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