Etiquette for journalists 6/2/2016

When I was watching an interview of a celebrity on the TV I  noticed the interviewee sitting cross legged unlike the journalist who was interviewing her which reminded me of a similar scene years ago, however there was one   difference –the female interviewer  crossed her legs with the toe of her left leg pointing straight at her subject. It was obvious who was the humble of the two which set me thinking.  Journalists like bureaucrats  are expected to be self effacing  and  not wear their knowledge on their sleeve. The former  should try to bring out the best  in their interviewees who have a lot of their experience to share for the readers/viewers to know and  benefit. But today when I watch the  anchors  on television channels, I feel  they  are only out to overpower their subjects all out to prove who  comes out the winner. Perhaps the only rule of etiquette they seem to follow today  is not  sitting cross legged but  in every other respect they break rules laid out for a professional journalist.

n.meeraraghavendra rao


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