You are under surveillance 27/10/2016

I never imagined all our movements were being observed and we would be faced with a lot of embarrassing moments one day .’ I know where she lives ’ said the maid when I was trying to give directions to someone living in our neighbourhood. My’ friend’ had sacked her domestic help and sought my help desperately.
How do you know? I asked.
Simple , is it the house where they have two pet dogs?
Well, yes, I said after a bit of hesitation.
Do they have a large potted garden?
Though her query took me by surprise, I said yes again.
Do they have go out a lot ?
Soon this was followed by a number of queries to which I had nodded my head .
She appeared satisfied with all my answers and when I asked her how she had so much information about someone in my neighbourhood , she said,’ Amma ,It is not difficult to guess at all , the members (half a dozen of them) have been taking turns to request me to work in their house’ , pat came her reply.
Then why don’t you? I said.
No amma, even if they pay me the amount I demand, I shall not, she asserted.’Don’t you think treatment matters more than money’, she added .
n.meera raghavendra rao


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