Balamurali’s genius brought alive – 19/01/2017

Can you expect anything but the best  when two  aficionados  in their own right come  together in conversation about the greatest of the great and unparalleled  creative genius? Prince Rama Varma and Sreenivasa murthy  took us on a musical journey: ’Murali ganam :Remembering Balamuralikrishna’ at the Hindu Lit for Life festival 2017.

During their interaction which lasted over an hour Prince Varma gave  an insight into the musician’s mind and his personality interspersing with a few quotes he recalled  which gave us a complete perspective of  the musical genius, that was Balamurali Krishna. Elaborating on this point, he said as a young boy, this child prodigy while  travelling in a bucket seat of a cycle, heard  a record  of  Dwaram Venkatataswamy naidu being played in  a cart  that happened to pass  by and soon after reaching his Guru’s house, asked him to given a  violin and played the entire krithi. His Guru said it was Dwaram’s song that he played and  there was nothing of Balamurali in it!

Balamurali’s  uniqueness lay in  his voice which mesmerized people and  the other aspect was the importance he gave for sahityam  and  he sang to the manner born irrespective of the language which was  other than his mother tongue.

On the lighter side, Varma said modesty was not  Balamurali’s virtue  as he would claim to be the ‘fisht’  to give  short breaks during concerts, and use the expression ‘better than the best’ which is the slogan of some advertisers.

During the q and a I asked why the media and his critics didn’t do justice to Balamurali’s creative genius and Varma thought perhaps it was for two reasons-jealousy and  ignorance of the art and added Balamurali couldn’t care less, infact he reveled in it!

N Meera Raghavendra Rao


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