SHADES OF MENTALITYShades of Mentality

A collection of 10 Telugu Short Stories


Translated into English by K.N.RAO

Prof.K.N.Rao, has  done great service to lovers of short stories by translating into English 10 short stories originally written in Telugu by Vasundara, pen name of a scientist by profession thus making their reach possible to readers of other Indian languages as well as those whose knowledge is restricted to spoken Telugu.

As the title suggests each of the ten stories deal with peoples’ behavior under different circumstances and the reader feels he/she could relate to them because of total absence of varnish or veneer in their presentation. Though the   stories selected from the original by Rao are diverse in nature, they  have both a ring of the old and the contemporary and have a meeting point  with tempers rising and falling according to the situations faced . The  brief outline of   each of the ten stories is given at the beginning  but I feel one should bypass this and read the stories which are gripping throughout. I would like to particularly mention ‘when the rope became a serpent’ (deals with friendship gone awry), ‘With the permission of the chair( perils of bureaucracy ),’Inspiration’ (about a true teacher)  and ‘Spiritual class’ (pavement dweller with a human side).

n.meeraraghavendra rao


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