Genes or Environment? 1/2/2016

The other day I came across   two siblings  for the first time (whose parents I knew well) who appeared to have  nothing in common –looks wise, behavior wise and temperament wise. I noticed the girl   resembled one parent and   her brother the other. If  it had to be measured in percentage, I felt both scored cent percent as the   daughter was like her mother in every respect-short in stature, short tempered and  self opinionated. Her brother  was  a complete contrast – tall, fair  and open minded. There was no doubt   that these  traits were the result of their genes.  I wondered whether they would change with time when they are thrown into the world outside, where the  environment would be totally different from that  which  they have  been brought up or these traits would continue all their life, which would come out triumphant-genes or environment  or a blend of both in equal/unequal measure.

n.meera raghavendra rao


2 thoughts on “Genes or Environment? 1/2/2016

  1. v.n.k.kumar

    This is the controversial Nature Vs. Nurture problem. The two siblings might have inherited the stature related genes of a parent of the same gender. But the supposition that since they belong to the same family, the nurture would be the same is questionable. People unconsciously bring up male & female children in slightly different ways and the children also imitate one parent more than the other after choosing them as their role model. Researchers have proved that the nurture accorded to even identical twins is different as seen from the eyes of the twins. With age the girl’s aggressiveness might morph into assertiveness & the boy’s assertive behaviour might change into aggressive behaviour. Depends on what strategy they think will be required to satisfy their needs & wants!

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