A Food cart  has suddenly emerged   on the right side of Eldams road  and you are greeted by colourful ‘kodams’ filled with water occupying the foot path.  You spot a burly man preparing dosas  on one side and frying puris  almost simultaneously  on the second stove. He is soon  joined by his wife who arrives in an auto   and  unloads  large buckets  filled with sambar, and pongal  besides  smaller containers  filled with chutney  and potato  masala. The eggs  placed in the crater  on the cart tell you omlette is also on the menu. Customers trickle in right from  morning  and  they increase  as the day progresses.

There is a man sitting  behind a table under an umbrella on the opposite side of the road    selling a rice concoction  to be accompanied by fried chillies and mango slices  and he caters to his loyal clientele. A few feet away is a kiosk  where  people preferring bread, bun and tea frequent.

The only saving grace is the well known Madras Coffee House  diagonally  opposite  which offers  a cup of good coffee and Tea, of course at a formidable price.

Hitherto  the landmarks to our  house would be the  different branches of Banks  on either side of the road besides a provision store and a multi storied building but today  these street   food outlets have scored in popularity  and we are at a loss how to face the charge  of the food brigade!

Meera Radhavendra Rao


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