My specs saga

I heard of patients seeking second and sometimes third  opinion of doctors when they are advised to undergo surgery ( major in most cases) by their  doctor as the only option if they are to get relief whatever they suffer from. However I   never thought I would be consulting three doctors, opthalmologists to be precise when my eyes began burning   one morning while I was reading the newspaper. Armed with my old prescription I  consulted my ophthalmologist who checked my eye sight thoroughly in two phases over two days-making me read letters of different size followed by  dilating   my pupils, checking my eye pressure and announcing her verdict warning me not to get alarmed at the change in my power.

Has it changed a lot? I said  a little hesitantly.

Yes, quite considerably, probably it is because  you seem to be reading a lot, she said.

Not exactly, I am more a writer than a reader as I spend more time in front of my system, typing thousands of words whenever I write a new book, I replied.

Then she got busy with  some calculation and even as she was writing out a prescription, I  noticed how elegant her rimless frame  looked.

Assuming she was wearing bifocals, I asked whether she would suggest bifocals like what she wore or separate glasses to be made for near and distant vision.

These are not bifocals, but progressive lens. I feel it may be difficult for you to adjust to progressive lens at your age, she smiled sounding very apologetic. May be, bifocals would be better for your use, she added.

Thanking her, I headed to my optician to order a new pair of spectacles  and chose a black frame, more to avoid being getting confused  with  the light coloured frame my husband was using.

The specs did arrive after two days, and I promptly discarded my old bifocals and was all set to use the new pair. The distance vision was perfect but I could not read a word as the letters appeared blurred, so did the letters on computer screen. I  went back to my ophthalmologist once again and she asked me to wear my new pair of specs and  read the letters on the board at a distance. I read without any difficulty but couldn’t do so when a printed card was placed  before my eyes.

Nothing wrong with your specs, they are made according to the prescription, but I find the bifocal area is differently shaped and also too small. Ask your optician to make  new lens with a proper D shape and larger area for closer vision, she advised. I made another visit to my optician and he was kind enough to carry out faithfully my doctor’s advise  but to my dismay the problem of closer vision persisted.

Thinking I should change my optician, I ordered a new pair with the same prescription, but to my bad luck, it made no difference.

It dawned on me that the fault may not lie with the optician but with the prescription, so went to a well known hospital  and got my eyes checked all over again. No drops, no dilation, my eyes were examined by a chick who made me read letters of all sizes, and sent me to the ophthalmologist for the finale in  process. The young lady went through the ‘notes’ written by the chick, even as she handed me the prescription she  I had dry eyes and I need to use eye drops a few times a day to keep them moist.  Again I repeated my question about her advise whether to go  for progressive lens and she said I could, but it would take a few weeks for me to get used to them.

After returning home I compared the prescription given by my earlier ophthalmologist and the second one and found a difference of plus .25 in SPH (near vision IN RT.EYE)  and .50 in LEFT EYE SPH.

After a great deal of deliberation I decided to opt for progressive lens discarding my bifocals set in a new frame and getting my progressive lens fixed in it. Now it’s over three weeks and I am yet to get used to them. Meanwhile I consulted a third ophthalmologist and he checked my eye sight, saw my two prescriptions and handing over  his own with a smile said ,’one more prescription.’

It ceased to surprise me when I noticed there was again a difference in the three prescriptions. Whoever said two astrologers don’t agree and two doctors too don’t agree, must have said so after having had bitter experience like I did. Now I have ordered for separate reading glasses to be fitted in my old frame   which consisted my bifocals  set eight years ago (having got used to the frame all these years). A case of new wine in old glasses ,well new glasses in old frame, hope it works!

n.meera raghavendra rao 


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