What’s App or what’s up?

Amma, don’t you have a what’s App? Queried my maid even as she was dusting the furniture.

No, I said.

How come you don’t  have, even my daughter has one  and she sent me a recent photograph  taken at the airport .You should see my grandson ,who has just turned  a year posing  like a film star, she gloated.

Oh yes, children are very smart these days, wish to show off  when they are being shot, I laughed.

Do you have a what’s App? I asked  on second thoughts.

No, amma, my second daughter has it and she is the one who showed me the picture, she  said  sounding unhappy.

I think it’s enough one person in the family has it, I said.

No amma, but she goes to work and returns quite late in the evening, and—

I knew what  she would say next, ask me for an advance of a sizable amount to buy a smart phone and I  wanted to forestall her.

She proved who was the smarter  of us two by displaying  her mobile, ‘Amma, these days it is essential  to own a smart phone because  an ordinary  mobile like this doesn’t work  sometimes.  If you call me on a smart phone, I can instantly reply.’

n.meera raghavendra rao 


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