Mystery of the disappearing sweets! 03/11/2016

Conversation among social circles revolves around two things-the Deepavali sari and sweets. Home made sweets are becoming a rarity , especially so with someone like me who prefers to head straight to the nearest sweet meat shop to pick up from the array of colourful sweets of different shapes and sizes peeping out of glass cases. However our experience has been a little different this year as a couple of our close friends offered to pick them up for us as well when they shopped for them sparing us the trouble .My husband and I readily agreed to their offer profusely thanking them in advance for their kind gesture.
Well they did arrive on the festive day. Oh, the gift wrapped flower shaped tray glistened like gold and the three in one : mango sand witched between chocolate and almond with a biscuit hidden somewhere and a single almond tucked on top appeared very aesthetic. It just melted in our mouth but what was unique about the sweet was it was crunchy too .Even as we were trying to give it a name, the second gift wrapped tray arrived and yes you guessed it right , it was a replica of the first! I took it as a blessing because their appearance and taste seemed to vie with each other. Reserved some to consume a few days later but it was not to be as they just disappeared (certainly I am not the reason) and I am still wondering where they are hiding!

Meera Raghavendra Rao


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