Who is more considerate? 26/12/2016

The music season is back with a bang and the day concerts are absolutely enthralling -may be they are yet to make a name but these youngsters are are as good as seasoned artistes-singing away to glory. Food at the music academy is maintaining its standard /quality .However it was a little upsetting  to see a lady reserving a place next to her for a friend not heeding to the polite requests of the waiters who said the table had to be cleared once we completed our meal   and  suggested  her friend could  join the next batch .  The friend arrived when we were almost done and the waiters served her patiently not showing their annoyance .Infact they even told her not to hurry but enjoy her meal.  Do I have to say who was more considerate?

n.meera raghavendra rao


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