Why old is not gold? 15/6/2016

The other day my friend proudly showed her new set of bangles she had recently purchased.

Don’t you think they look gorgeous? She said with twinkling eyes.

Yes ,they do, but —

Before I could complete my sentence, she burst out laughing and literally took words out of my mouth, ‘I know what you are thinking whether they are made of gold or are artificial’ she said.

Yes, I said.

Well, your guess is right, she laughed.

Even as we were talking, she quickly opened her handbag, fished out her smart phone and immediately disconnected after a monosyllabic reply.

I appreciated her manners in doing so unlike so many others who value their own time more than that of others.

I remember you always wore pure gold jewellery.Why this sudden shift? I said.

Well, the present saying is old is not gold and it applies to many other things as well including human beings, jewelry, gadgets and devices which have lived their life, she quipped.

n.meera raghavendra rao


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