Get Inkspired 18/1/2016

The three day Hindu LFL  has just got over  with an array of   speakers, mostly veteran authors  and artists holding panel discussions regarding their contributions to literature. There were also a few  belonging to the third gender participating in the Literary festival for the first time. The highlight of the first day was the key note address by Omar Abdullah. His   extempore speech on ‘My Kashmir’  was straight from the heart which kept the audience spell bound. Unfortunately there was not enough time for questions. The first session ‘Cities under water’ was fairly interesting but for one of the panelists who  took a long time to convey  what their city has gone through  whenever nature showed its fury.

Towards the end of the second day, the December deluge and the spirit of Chennai  constituted the topic for discussion  and  again excepting for one of the panelists who was extremely disappointing, the session was quite absorbing.

The highlight of the  final day  was ‘Funnily Enough’and true to its theme, Alexander McCall Smith proved he is not only a writer of humour but a humorous speaker as well holding the audience’s attention throughout  making light of the most serious   experiences of authors, especially when movies are made out of their works.

It was amusing to hear a chic sitting next to me say when asked whether she was a  fan of a particular  author because he was handsome, ‘yes partly that’s the reason.’ I was happy she confessed she read just one novel of his. Probably that was the reason sessions addressed by this author/parliamentarian commanded maximum audience in the festival!

Now it is left for authors to get really inkspired to soldieron with their next book.

n.meeraraghavendra Rao


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