Awareness of healthy food 21/3/2016

The other day while waiting for our dish to be served in a popular restaurant I   casually looked around and found people, mostly elderly ladies gorging on   north Indian delicacies. What amused me was the way they were battling with ‘naan’ ,which was only stretching further and further with their every attempt!  The scene at other tables   consisting   a mix of the middle aged and children was different, the older ones were relishing the masala dosa and rave dosa whereas the children without any exception were transferring heaps of noodles wound round their forks into their mouth with such dexterity, their expression was enough to show how much they   were enjoying the slimy stuff!

I was sure it couldn’t have been Maggi noodles as it has yet to reappear in the market but wondered why children were excessively fond of noodles and not anything prepared with vermicelli though both had a common base and   were similar in texture!

However what was heartening to know is   some schools in Hyderabad have strictly instructed that parents should not send junk foods like noodles for their children to consume during their tiffin breaks. It appears if working parents are hard up for time, it was suggested they could send some rice and curd instead of any of the fast foods as they are not healthy. I wish more schools would emulate their example.

n.meera raghavendra rao


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