When shopping is not fun!! 21/10/2016

How did you like shopping for Deepavali this time? I asked my husband.

Absolutely bland, no fun at all, he chuckled.

Why  do you say so? Is it because we shopped at boutiques  I said.

Well yes. No crowds for one thing, no arguments between the spouses, he laughed.

Arguments regarding what? I said.

Well, for instance about the choice or the price, he smirked.

You mean  ladies decided all by themselves  about both, I said.

Yes, I noticed the spouses  standing helplessly, probably waiting  to be consulted, he mocked.

That shows ladies  today are  capable of deciding what exactly they want, I affirmed.

Then why make the poor husbands tag along? He said full of sympathy.


Unless what? I asked.

Probably for two reasons- they  may not know how to drive  and also not have a credit card, he quipped!

n.meera raghavendra rao 


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