Conversation –mobile style 04/01/2016

The other day a family of four visited us and needless to say our delight at meeting them  had to be seen to be believed considering that it is becoming increasingly rare for relatives and friends to call on each other, the main reason being valuable  time lost in commuting  in the mad city traffic .Since   we were meeting after a long time, there was a lot of catching up to do. Our visitors spent a better part of two hours with us and we ‘exchanged’  notes on everything under the sun with topics ranging from the serious to the ridiculous.

At the end of it all I realized most of the time was spent in our visitors conversing over their mobiles and we silently watching them, waiting eagerly to restore our conversation  before they got their next call, but it was not to be.

I was happy  I was not addicted to my  mobile   and didn’t regret for  once  not possessing a smart phone with what’s app!

n.meera raghavendra rao


One thought on “Conversation –mobile style 04/01/2016

  1. v.n.k.kumar

    We used to think that Cable TV was the culprit in eroding the intimate tete-a-tete or social visits, but now with the smart phones & whats-app it looks impossible to have an uninterrupted session for exchanging notes. Man-Machine interface will indeed wipe out Man-to-Man interactions.

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