Hold that Thought – Perspectives on life and work – Janaki Rajagopalan

Janaki offers a capsule  filled with food for thought almost in its every page  which helps the reader grounded  which ever part of the world  he/she lives or woks in The first chapter ‘Lessons from a seven year old’ reverses the saying ‘it’s never too late to learn’ as wisdom can  come from  the mouths of babes.

True to the title, you feel like our breath we cannot hold to a thought for too long, however unlike breath,  some thoughts linger in our mind  a little longer, worthy of recall and analysis, followed  by practice sooner or later in life, ofcourse which depends greatly upon on our attitude, is the essence of the book.

The 45 chapters, ranging from episodes culled from real life situations (professional and family )  of the author are convincing  and  appealing especially for their brevity and a touch of humour, which  I agree is very essential if one has to move on. To mention just a few among many others equally interesting are: First, last and middle names,Please stop asking if I got your e-mail, Life is too crowded to accommodate stress  and Ambition is not a bad word.

n.meeraraghavendra rao


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