This & That…Then & Now 06/03/2014

THIS & THAT…Rajan This & That




R.V.Rajan’s  literary journey  started  as a young  writer in his vernacular language, progressed as an  avid  reader of   books in English and has culminated  in authoring  three books in a span of four years post his retirement. The title of his latest  book  divided into two main sections is self explanatory  as the 40 odd essays though mostly   deal with his reminiscences  ranging from the mundane to the serious, enable  the  reader to establish  an instant connect  with the author. ‘Embarrassing Moments’; ‘The ubiquitous velaikari’; ‘Forgetting-A Disease’ ;’Put your hands together’  are some which need special mention.  In the second section Rajan talks with nostalgia  juxtaposing the past with the present and  how  he continues to cherish the former. Here he  writes about people he came across, places he visited and  the different  modes of transport he had taken in the country.

There  are three other sections  Rajan has included : ‘Travelogue,’

‘ Tributes’ and ‘ Excerpts from my Autobiography’  which all make very interesting reading .He seems at his best where the first  genre of writing is concerned as he takes the reader along from the onset of his journey to its destination, be it a pilgrimage or a holiday. He concludes the last  section  with an extremely touching  personal  experience  of  losing his life partner Prabha who fought   through her  illness  with fortitude but was  ultimately conquered by it.

With this third book of his, Rajan has arrived as an Author and readers will eagerly look forward  to more of his writings in future and he should see to it the price of his books  is   made more affordable to the common man.

n.meera raghavendra rao


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