NO NO to Personal questions 30/3/2016

The other day I met a bunch of foreigners hailing from different countries and what was common among them I noticed was their light skin colour, however with a slight difference. The Chinese could be easily identified because of their distinct features whereas the rest of them couldn’t be easily done so. I was trying to guess the place of their origin by their accent once we started speaking but   was not very successful since they all spoke fluently and their accent was not a give away. What made me happy was I could   follow every word without much effort as they all spoke slowly and paused where ever necessary. Again there was something else common among them which was that none asked any personal questions unlike it happens with our fellow Indians, more so if you happen to speak the same regional language as theirs because to them it matters little whether you have met for the first time or have known   each other for some time!

n.meera raghavendra rao


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