More writers, less readers 31/3/2016

The increasing number of new writers emerging on the scene shows

Everyone can write if he/she so wishes because there is a story in each one of us waiting to be told. Telling stories is nothing new because as children we heard our mother telling us stories from mythology and after marriage my mother-in-law would come back from a religious discourse and engage all of us with the day’s daily dose whether we liked it or not. She believed in relating whatever she heard while it was fresh in her memory. But now stories continue to be told but not by elders in the family but by writers who try to give expression   through fiction and their muse is their own life as well as that of others around them. Though stories have not ceased but are only on the increase , it’s unfortunate that readers are on the decrease, making   the equation quite disproportionate.

n.meera raghavendra rao


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