Formal or informal? 5/1/2016

English is a beautiful language and  each one of us use  our own speech tags while talking which may precede or succeed every sentence like  I mean, you know, this thing, after all, at the end of it all, the fact of the matter is (mostly used by panelists on tv channels)and so on. Some also have a habit of using slightly abusive language in informal  situations while expressing their dislike / hatred/aversion towards certain people irrespective of their ‘status’ in society. Again there are a few lovers of English language who would like to display their vast vocabulary by using   bombastic words  which are   understood by hardly five percent as against 95 percent. I am afraid in the case of the former,  their choicest adjectives  might tumble down  even in formal situations (like when they are lecturing to students or participating in discussions )unconsciously if they don’t watch out!



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