Wear and Tare 7/1/2017

I heard of  the expression ‘ware and tare’ being used by doctors  when one complains of knee pain and most often advised to go in for knee replacement surgery  in order to  have  a better quality of life. I  realized  the expression also applies to our (read women) most prized possession –expensive saris which were not so pricey when we picked them up perhaps a decade or two ago. We tend to neatly hang them in our wardrobe, waiting  to flaunt  our zaris  and designer stuff  during  occasions  such as weddings and  celebrations of 60th.and 80TH. Birthdays little realizing  they happen  just   a few times  in a year and  therefore  opportunities to wear  them are  rare. No wonder  ‘mix and match ‘has caught on with women donning their old saris with newly made  trendy blouses  and I have been no exception and in the process learnt a costly lesson. A couple of saris which were hibernating  in my wardrobe  decided  to take vengeance for my sheer negligence when their turn came to be  presented! So  my dear ladies, it’s better to wear and tare your  saris that cost a fortune   than allow them to ‘have their own way’!

N Meera Raghavendra Rao


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