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N.MeeraRaghavendra Rao  is a freelance journalist, author and blogger and  ‘MADHWAS OF MADRAS ‘ is  her ninth book. Her earlier books:  Madras Mosaic (a social commentary); Slice of Life  and its  Sequel ; Chennai Collage  and Spirit of Chennaiites .  Feature Writing,   (two editions) published by PHI Learning and Journalism-think out of the box (a companion volume to Feature Writing)  are meant for journalism students. 3e’s of Travel, A Coffee table book with 120 photos taken by her non digital cameras covers her travelogues  within India and abroad.

Print media: Meera has published more than 2000 articles (features, interviews, book reviews, humour/satire and Travel) in magazine sections of mainstream dailies like the  Hindu and Indian Express and in some magazines like FEMINA,WOMAN’S ERA , Caravan  and Eve’s Touch.

AIR and TV :She interviewed  several achievers on AIR and TV and was interviewed by leading newspapers and TV channels . Her e-journal:  will be completing 79000 hits shortly.

Education:   Meera is a post graduate in English Literature with a Diploma in Journalism and a certificate in Public Relations.  Her husband, Dr. N. Raghavendra Rao , a Professor in Finance and Information Technology is  an independent  editor for international reference books.