Locking the stables after the horse has bolted 3/2/2016

I wonder who coined the above idiom and certainly it seems to apply to an Indian situation to a T. The recent  deluge we chennaiites experienced is an apt example where nature didn’t discriminate but  those in authority  seem to by trying to evict poor  people  residing in vulnerable areas  and not touching the well off residing/owning properties  situated in similar  localities for reasons of  their future safety. I remember during our visit to Cambodia, we saw the spectacle of ‘life on a lake’, Tonle Sap the largest  permanent fresh water lake in Asia where people permanently live in houseboats parked around. It’s  a’ village’  in water with all the amenities available. During rainy season the whole ‘village’ is towed to the mountains to return once summer sets in. Probably  our politicians  in power  who make frequent trips abroad to ‘study’  and ‘improve’  conditions of the less fortunate (who form the majority of the electorate) should take a cue and try to translate their tall promises into action  if they really have the public interest in mind.

n.meera raghavendra rao


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