Chidiyaghar   and Taraakkaultachashma  are probably the only two  television  serials   which continue to sustain the interest of viewers who care for some humour and the  message they convey. The first  brings  out the importance and maintenance of  relationship among members of a joint family  and the second focuses on team spirit among diverse people residing in a colony. However it was shocking to see the turn of events in the first serial with an introduction  of an extortionist who tries every means to force the family to part with their property  offering  an exorbitant price but fails in his attempt. Then he threatens to perish the family and  resorts to  his ‘supernatural powers’ to take vengeance on the youngest member of the family, a school going girl because she  makes fun of his offer by asking for his mother in exchange  instead of the fortune he offers. It is frightening and scary even for adults to watch the girl  behaving in a weird manner. I feel  such scenes should be withdrawn in the interest of the viewers, especially children.

n.meeraraghavendra rao


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