If you expect present students of   Literature to know what ODYSSEY  means, more often than not, they blink because they   wouldn’t have heard about Homer  or his works  OR IF THEY HAD THEY WOULD HAVE FORGOTTEN BECAUSE IT IS NOT RELEVANT  from their examination point of view.  When I  posed the same query to one of my relatives, an engineering graduate with a management degree, he promptly   gave  the right answer  and also explained  how the name  came about  which  needless to say  came  as a  pleasant surprise to me.  Asked how he  knew  so much  about  the origin of the name, he said he learnt it while in school  more than three decades ago  and also remembered it !

I was pained when book stores in Madras were shutting down one after another for want of a clientele  which boils down to  dwindling   demand for hard copies  of  knowledge based books apart from fiction   which is readily available  at the click of a mouse  which is understandable.  But what  I fail to understand  is a total absence of curiosity or an urge to learn  inspite of  the advancements in technology !




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