Male chauvinism 2/2/2016

When I watched  the interview of Sunny Leone on television recently, I was surprised a senior journalist like Rajdeep Sardesai  was  trying to probe more into the subject’s past rather than her paradigm  shift to the role of a heroine which according to him  would not be easily digested by the audience. He tried to corner her by repeatedly talking about her image and she  refused to get un nerved, on the other hand she put him  in his place by politely ‘snubbing’ him. It is the second or third time I had seen the journalist asking  irrelevant questions wasting precious time of the subject and making the  viewers  change their mind of his capacity as an interviewer. Sunny might change over time with her new role in life/celluloid but I’m afraid Rajdeep   might disappoint   his tribe  by   losing his professional approach  as a journalist besides proving his male chauvinism.

n.meera raghavendra rao


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