How we found a solution! 14/6/2017

Not able to manage  the chaotic traffic in Chennai we decided to appoint a driver for our old AMBY. After a lot of deliberation we chose to employ a man who was on the wrong side of sixty rather than one half his age thinking he will not grudge driving  an old Ambassador and will refrain from over speeding unlike the young ones who prefer to be at the wheel of the latest jazzy air conditioned cars with a music system. But let me tell you  who had the last laugh at the end of it all!

The problem arose sooner than we  expected  when we wanted  to attend a wedding reception  late in the evening. Our driver  informed us with a sheepish smile  that he  had been postponing his cataract operation as he could not save enough money that is required and his vision gets poorer once it gets dark. We were left with no other alternative but to shell  out three months’ salary of his as advance after  his repeated pleadings. He was back the next morning and we thought he had come to inform about the date of his surgery. But we were wrong when he enlightened us  about another problem of his, that the doctor asked him to wait till his sugar level came down and until then he could continue with his job during the day.

We  felt helpless and wanted  to sack him but did not have the heart of writing off the advance which was no mean sum. Months went by  with us  forgoing all our evening engagements and no sign of our driver’s sugar level decreasing. When we paid his salary withholding a part of the advance, he came  out with another sob story that it was difficult for him  to maintain a family consisting of his wife and four children.

As we were reaching the end of nearly a year, there were more unpleasant things to follow as we began to have second thoughts for picking up  expensive stuff  because we noticed our driver jealously eyed those huge and attractive carry bags we were  shoving into the rear seat of the car. We prepared ourselves for what followed next –which  was for more advance  and when we  tried not to give in to his pleadings, his tone immediately changed, to one of bitterness and we were forced to put up with his monologue of the strange ways of God, of how He is kind to some who are fortunate and not to others like him who have to slog all their lives.

This led to our speedy decision and the best solution  –to dispense with the driver and our old AMBY as well !

Meera Raghavendra Rao


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