Change crunch 14/11/2016

Those who have exchanged  their old five hundred /thousand rupee notes for new ones are happy  flaunting the fresh from the factory  two thousand rupee notes but  feel they are like a  damp squib when  they are not able to get them exchanged for  currency of less  denomination as it has become next to impossible in the present situation. The only option is to  purchase stuff whether they need it or not for the entire amount of rs.2000/. It reminds me of the million pound note the hero flaunts in an English   movie I saw decades ago. The flip side is you can never say when small change would come to your rescue bailing you out of the ‘change  crisis’  as it did for me.  I turned all the pouches in which I had  dumped a lot of loose coins of various denomination and  found them very handy to pay to the  auto rick driver who gladly  accepted the change which he would have flatly refused otherwise!

N Meera Raghavendra Rao


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