Oh,I forgot! 10/2/2016

I find like every other  malaise in our society, ‘forgetting’ is also gaining ground. Probably it’s a bug which bites everyone, sometime  or the  other in  life, however the difference is some become its ‘victims’ at an early age. For instance I noticed  the first   signs  appearing during my school days when I  would ‘forget ‘to do my home work and be pulled up by my teacher. ’Did you have your breakfast this morning?’ she would  ask very sweetly and when I nodded, she  would say,’how come you have not forgotten ?’ and  everyone in the class would break into ‘hushed’  laughter. On reflection I felt I had not really forgotten but thought I could use the word as an excuse or escapism!

The other day when my friend said she tends to forget a lot lately  and  she attributed it to her age,  ,I  was not convinced because she had just turned fifty and to my knowledge  one gets bitten by the bug only after one crosses  sixty, and if you are lucky not until you are seventy plus  (which I also verified with a psychologist ).  I am not sure whether it  is  a case of really forgetting or ‘wantonly’ forgetting?

n.meera raghavendra rao


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