Count your blessings 16/6/2016

Though it is said comparisons are odious, it is human nature to make unequal comparisons   without realizing  their  consequences  on one’s mind and body. The fact is we  tend to forget that  some   are fortunate to be blessed with good looks coupled with a fair skin (though looks have nothing to do with skin colour), others  born with a silver spoon or have made a fortune due to hard work or luck favouring them, young in mind and active despite their advancing years  and so on. However I feel  even comparisons have exceptions  and we should count our blessings especially when we  come across  people  much younger than us  suffering from health problems.  For instance, I met a middle aged lady at the dentist’s clinic  and on exchanging notes found  she had  multiple aches and pains right through  her body which  affected her mobility and the several  doctors she consulted  said  they  were all interconnected   due to a nerve problem which has to be tackled first.

N Meera Raghavendra Rao


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