Eldams road-VIP area?

We have  experienced nature’s fury in all its might and  what surprised me was though eldams road where we live had knee deep water and  no power for five days, it failed to attract media’s attention, including the print and audiovisual. However the national and regional  media covered its neighbouring road   where SIET college is situated. Power was restored in parts of the city on the fourth day and we waited with bated breath that we too would get it back but there were no signs of it being restored. One explanation given was that we are living in a VIP area and I am yet to understand whatever that means because the only ‘VIP’I know of who has his office down the road is a film star and all the others are just ordinary people though highly educated. Also I was of the opinion that one has to be a judge, an MLA , or an industrialist to call himself a VIP and unfortunately none of them live on eldams road.

The inmates of  an apartment complex near our residence decided the only option open to attract the attention of the concerned authorities was to stage a dharna  and they blocked the road for three hours braving the rain and it worked like magic.

When  we  shared the experience with the person who supplies mineral water to us , he said,’I thought  dharna was only  for  uneducated people like me  to get things moving but for the first time I am hearing  even the educated are forced to resort to dharna  for the authorities to act’

n.meeraraghavendra rao