Through the mouth of babes or maids! 7/4/2017

Today  my maid made a very valid observation  which had been a  known fact, subject of conversation among  our circles which ultimately lead us nowhere. Well, the topic  is not difficult to guess-CORRUPTION in High places PERCOLATING DOWNWORDS. Even as she was mopping the floor, she began, (earlier she was  talking to the sweeper woman  and I knew they were exchanging notes about their common problem- getting their monthly  pension of rs.1000/ granted by the government  which was suddenly stopped), ‘We don’t blame the government at all ,it is the fault of the people in the corporation who are  favouring a select few and pocketing  the rest depriving the deserving  like me and Devi of  the money that is due’, she said.’

what is the criteria of their selection? I asked.

‘You know amma,  women  who  go to the Tasildar’s  office  for repeating their request for restoring pension are deliberately dressed in old tattered saris and don’t  wear  any gold /artificial jewelery. Their appearance   is enough   to win the sympathy of the officials  and act ‘ she said and added,’ I  would rather go  dressed well wearing the megre jewelley I have, than looking like the poorest of poor women’.

It was only then I noticed the synthetic sari with bright floral dezigns and a matching blouse she was wearing with the right accessories. Devi too was dressed decently and tastefully like her and both appeared as though they were office goers, certainly not  domestic help!

N Meera Raghavendra Rao


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