Relationships 18/04/2017

I was reminded of my m-in-law’s refrain and analogy once again when our family friend, an octogenarian called me this morning to enquire about my welfare since I hadn’t called her for a while. We had experienced the reverse last evening when we felt amply rewarded after my husband and I paid a surprise visit to an octogenarian friend of ours who said ‘Aye, it’s my friend! my day is made’. She was excited like a child and we felt delighted too for making someone happy .My mil would say,’remember, ‘It’s nature’s way that water always flows downwards and it applies to people as well,more so with relatives’. How TRUE .There are exceptions of course where water can be made to travel upwards through technology. Probably it can apply to relationships as well with some effort.

N Meera Raghavendra Rao


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