I  was pleased  when I was invited to write a story  for ‘harmony –celabrate age’ under  the column ’At large ‘ and decided  to write on  my unique relationship  with my m-in-law  with whom I spent 33 years of my life. To my delight the article was well appreciated by everyone who knew her personally. What made me happier still is the title  of the magazine coming from the Ambani group  which focuses on silvers-silver haired people to be precise. However it’s a different matter that some senior citizens writing for it or appearing in its pages don’t boast of greying  hair but I am happy I am not one of them and  I am really proud of my increasing  silver hair inspite of  it  receding  at a great pace which is a sign of aging ofcourse. I ‘d rather be an  exception to all those who colour their hair in order to look young  and beautiful. Let me add I am in great company like Jaya Badhuri, VaheedaRehman and SowcarJanaki !



2 thoughts on “CELEBRATION OF SILVERS 7/1/2016

  1. v.n.k.kumar

    1. Your relationship with your late MIL is a text-book case of how a MIL & a DIL can bond with each other.This has to be shared with all. If practiced by others, it will surely maintain the sanity of all concerned & specially the sons in the family. 2. Your reluctance to dye your hair is admirable for two reasons: one, it shows you have enough courage & self-esteem & you do not give value to what others feel about you & second, you want to be authentic about yourself & your appearance and want others to accept you as you are.

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