2016 Begins with a whimper 02/01/2016

e music season in Chennai  has almost come to an end with the beginning of the New year which surprisingly  received a luke warm welcome by the cross section of Chennai society for obvious reasons, I imagine. Normally  at the stroke of 12 midnight we hear bursting of crackers  on the streets and at homes it is celebrated with the head of the family keeping awake  watching insipid programmes on television until the clock strikes 12  to usher in the new year by  cutting  the cake and feeding a piece to his children and grand children. From what I ‘ve gathered from friends and relatives, it appears most chennaiites have given this practice a go by, and having an early night as is their habit occasionally  interrupted by the sound of racing bikes whizzing past their apartments   situated in some areas which reminded  them  of the occasion!

Again, we are used to the scene watching the new year  beginning   quite early with  the devout, dressed in new clothes  rushing to  a temple nearby  to take their place in the queue to have darshan of the Lord and seek His  blessings. As the day progresses we find people queuing up  at a different  place and  time of the day –both at reputed hotels as well as smaller outfits for lunch and dinner. But it looked like the regulars seen at these places, rather the stomach conscious  ones have departed from their practice preferring to  go for home food .Perhaps what has begun with a whimper will end with a bang this year!



One thought on “2016 Begins with a whimper 02/01/2016

  1. v.n.k.kumar

    Tragedies keep happening around the world — Tornadoes in USA, Flooding in Northern England, Influx of refugees in Germany & European nations, ISIS, Al Qaeda, Taliban, Boko Haram, Terrorist attack in Pathankot Air force station, etc.. One can be ignorant of these or one can ignore these and celebrate the New Year, since you are not affected by them, but when your own Chennai gets flooded and there is a lot of distress in the proximity, it is difficult to rejoice.

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