The Intellectual Look 16/2/2016

You seem to be quite absorbed reading something in   today’s newspaper, I wonder what  has aroused your interest, he smirked.

Certainly not  political news  as you men seem to be obsessed with, I snapped .

O.K. then  what is it that has captured your attention so early in the morning? He said  laughing derisively.

Just wait till this evening, I said.

What for, hope you are not planning to create a dent in my wallet, he said  looking  worried.

I might. You rather be prepared for it, I warned.

Why don’t you give me some clue, he  said sounding serious.

Well it has something to do with a make over, I hope you know what I mean, I  said trying to tease  him.

He shook his head. I only know what a voice over means but not  a make over, he said.

Thank God, you are honest for once,  I said feeling happy .

Why  don’t you explain  what the expression means, he pleaded.

Well, I am going all out  to carry out  today’s prediction in letter and spirit and you will notice the make over  I  said with a smirk imitating him .

For what ?he said  appearing surprised.

To get an ‘intellectual look’, I  stated.

Are you sure you will succeed? He  guffawed.

n.meera raghavendra rao


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