Oneupmanship! 22/1/2016

The   other day  I was waiting  at the lounge of Woodlands hotel  for my friends  and noticed a family sitting opposite arguing animatedly about some issue. Just then a man walked towards  them, looked around  and when he found all the sofas  occupied, sat on the glass topped table  placed in front and facing  them     started to talk  so loudly that it was not difficult to guess what he was harping on. Even as I    feared  the glass would crack under his weight, the security at the door approached him and  requested him to get off the table,  but the man didn’t  budge, instead became defiant and aggressive. Subsequent   requests and pleadings  made the situation worse  with the man accusing the security with abominable  behavior and lack of courtesy towards a guest. ‘Why don’t you provide enough chairs for the guests to sit? he demanded. I shall replace the table if  it breaks, I will  meet the manager and complain‘, so saying he   got up in a huff and  dashed off to   the restaurant intending   to carry out his threat I thought but when he came back in less than a minute looking upset, everyone around who was keenly observing him like I did could easily guess the reason for his annoyance  – obviously his ‘demand’ or show of one-upmanship  to jump the queue  that was waiting for a table wouldn’t have worked with someone who strictly followed the rules!



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