Missing gossip? 14/1/2016

I feel  Chennai  is following the footsteps of Mumbai, remarked my friend who had come down to attend a function here.

You mean there has been a considerable  increase in high rise complexes? I said.

Well, yes but in other respects  also I feel  so, she observed.

What other respects? I said.

Well, for instance  people here  seem to mind their own business. They don’t seem to ask  any  personal questions as they used to, she said. From her tone I could see  she was not happy about the change she noticed.

That means you find them well mannered, I  said laughing.

You can say so but I am not happy  about the change in their attitude, they  seemed to have lost that important personal touch, she observed.

But you Mumbaiites always criticized  us for being nose pokers, gossip mongers haven’t you? I reminded.

May be, but that doesn’t mean you people should become so impersonal, almost to the point of being disinterested in the other person, she complained.

You know as it is said you should be a  Roman in Rome and a Chennaiite in Chennai, probably you are missing all the gossip and back biting which you were used to earlier, I quipped!



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