The ‘price’ you pay 8/2/2016

Last night while watching the Film Fare Award function on television, I saw the MC calling  one  of the  gentlemen from the audience and his wife to ask  them  which of the film celebrities present at the event they wished to see. Prompt came the reply, Deepika Padukone and  the actor’s  elation had to be seen to be believed. More was to come because   he wanted to know the price of the ticket each had paid  in order to see their favourite  actor and they  said it was rs.2 lakhs each.  It was a delight to watch Deepika  looking  absolutely thrilled and smiling away all through even as she was  repeatedly mentioning the amount. This reminded me of a friend of mine paying rs.five thousand for an entry ticket to a charity show held in a five star hotel  just to see her favourite  actor  Amitabh Bachan who was the chief guest at the event.

Now  I too have become a fan of Deepika  who doesn’t seem to have been   affected despite all the adulation she receives not only for her acting and also being as natural  as ever irrespective  of the occasion. However I   prefer spending whatever I can afford   towards a cause rather than on something which momentarily pleases me!

n.meeraraghavendra rao


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