Activities and festivities 17/10/2012

Come October and Chennai springs to life with a feast to all the five senses and you find  yourself  juggling between literary meetings, religious congregations and festive celebrations.

The past week began with a very interesting meeting of the Madras Book club where Janaki Lenin gave an audio visual presentation of her fascinating (or is it dangerous) life’s journey  with her ‘Husband and other Animals.’ Visitors who chose to become permanent residents  in the farm house of the couple  included all kinds of animals normally found in a zoo. In a lighter vein she said when she complained to her husband about the unwelcome intrusion, his refrain was  ‘adjust’ and she is still adjusting, she reiterated.

The religious Head of  Sringeri Sharada Peetham has been  in Chennai for Chatru masa   and will be leaving for Andhra month end. The performance of puja to Siva Lingam  late evening which we  watched on the giant  screen  was a real  religious feast which was followed by  vedic  chanting by pundits  and Durbar when   the Swamiji was seated on a Golden throne. You feel you are far from the  madding crowd of the city once you step into the sylvan  surroundings of the venue  which bustles with religious activity from morning to night. What is commendable is the discipline that is maintained  through out with no mobiles ringing or people jumping queues be it for Swamij’s darshan or meals served in the most hygienic manner.

The Thematic Kolu conceived by Ms.Latha at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan is unique  representing unity in diversity India stands for. We can see apart from dolls both antique and modern, replicas  of  important  temples in different parts of the country. The artist who has so beautifully made them with papier-mâché  should be congratulated for their true depiction.

n.meera raghavendra rao


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