No talking please 9/6/2016

When I was about to hit the bed after a hectic day, one  of my incisors suddenly claimed my urgent attention. I tried to ignore the mild discomfort but the pain gained severity in no time and I had to swallow a pain killer to get relief and a good night’s sleep to feel fit for a Radio recording next morning. From AIR I headed straight to my dentist and she had one look at the trouble maker and said it has to be immediately extracted. She went about her job after giving  local anesthesia and my incisor was out in a jiffy and some cotton was stuffed in the hollow .’You can remove it after an hour ‘ she advised and wrote a prescription for an antibiotic to be taken for three days. I went to the pharmacy nearby and the man wished to know whether I needed anything more. When I shook my headed, he appeared sympathetic and said sorry. I tried to smile with my mouth still shut.’ Oh, Tamil varaada’he said (don’t you know Tamil). I felt amused and taking my pen from my hand bag wrote down ‘I am not supposed to open my mouth for an hour’ .

‘Oh, you got your tooth extracted’ he said saying  sorry again, but this time the word was accompanied by  a hearty laughter.


N Meera Raghavendra Rao  


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