Who /What gives you a headache 9/11/2016

If we   have a head ache,  umpteen reasons  are attributed to it, that is if we consult our family  doctor. He prescribes a number of investigations to be carried out   at the end of which our  bank balance plummets down like a failed missile but  the headache persists! But if we take a little time to analyse the cause, we ourselves can zero in on the reasons for the headache we suffer from and  sometimes lessons can be learnt  from others’ experience  at no cost. My  bespectacled 50 plus maid who has hypertension had been complaining of a headache  for a while and she said it was due to tension. I suggested she get her eyes tested as an increase in power could be one of the reasons and she promptly  heeded to my advise and after a few days one morning, she looked straight at me and said, ‘amma, how do you like my new specs?’. Only then I noticed her new glasses set in a  beautiful frame and complimented her on her choice of the latter.

Even as I was thinking her headache would have disappeared, her complaint of it did not cease until one day she appeared  relieved and also very cheerful.

‘You know, amma, my headache has completely disappeared ‘

How? I said.

Last week I ‘resigned’  from the house I was working in ‘ pat came her reply!

N Meera Raghavendra Rao


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