Money power 11/2/2016

I was shocked to see an  inebriated  headstrong  female threatening the cops who tried to book her for the accident she committed forcing him to reveal his name –her  intention  was obvious.  The condition of her friend  who was equally  sozzled  was worse as he was struggling to  balance himself and couldn’t utter a word.  The brazen behavior of the female showed she had  high connections  coupled with money power. Though this is not the first incident of its kind happening in the capital, (fortunately similar incidents don’t take place in south where women generally don’t flaunt their high connections/money power) I saw for the first time a woman  taking the cudgels and the man standing mutely beside her. Instead of apologizing  for her fault, she thought offence was the best form of defence in the situation. I feel  our national newspapers  especially from the south should highlight such incidents taking place  in the north, particularly  in the capital  though  they seem to be a routine thing for residents  in Delhi.

n.meeraraghavendra rao


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