Revel in nature at Kurumba Village Resort – 1

“We are going to a place called Kurumba Valley, and please  don’t ask me where it is as I myself  haven’t heard of  this Resort,” I said when my friends wished to know our destination for summer vacation.  My husband’s close friend had recommended the Resort saying it was ideal for nature lovers like me and is just the right place for someone like my husband who loved peace and quiet, literally far from the madding crowd. After booking our tickets, we came to know that it was mandatory to pay the full amount of rs. 25,000 plus if we wished to have a confirmed reservation for a four night-five day package at their cottage. Their policy appeared a little unusual and I almost wanted to call it off, having doubts about choosing a place that was unheard of  but on second thoughts decided to go ahead with the trip keeping my fingers crossed.  Only after I  met the  General manager  of  the Resort   during our stay  I  came to know  the reason for introducing such a measure.

Kurumba Swim

We took a cab from Mettupalayam to reach our destination, a distance of 18 kilometres in a little over an hour.  The last stretch  which is   pebbled   and bumpy  is fortunately  only a five minute drive  and  there    you  are at the Resort  situated in the midst of  spice trees.

                                                            the enticing swimming pool

From  here  the descent into the valley literally begins, as you climb down a  few steps   to the Reception area and  some more  to  reach the cottage  that is allotted to you. The cottage is spacious and well furnished and step into the balcony you find a breathtaking view of the valley and a slight turn of your head you notice a riot of colour greets you    –orange, red, green, brown and yellow! The swaying of   spice trees with the gentle blowing of the wind and the aroma wafting  the air leave you spell bound.  The table and chair placed in the corner of the room invite you to record your first impressions of this resort situated in the lap of nature.      

After a quick bath and  change we headed to the restaurant   from where we could have a splendid view of the swimming pool surrounded by a thick foliage and clear blue water shining under the midday sun. I grabbed my camera to click the beautiful sight.

(to be continued…)                           

N. Meera Raghavendra Rao


One thought on “Revel in nature at Kurumba Village Resort – 1

  1. Meera, you have always been such an interested traveller. I look forward to reading the rest of this. I still remember the photographs you gave me when you returned from Australia.

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