When I saw Tirupati Balaji (Naham Kartha)


Gyan Publishing House, 5, Ansari Road, Darya Ganj, New  Delhi 11002

Price: Rs.720

The author has originally published his book in Telugu where he relates his experiences pertaining   mostly to his tenure as Executive Officer, Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams, Tirupati, Andhra  Pradesh.

Prasad’s stint at Tirupati began when he was given the first choice  among the shortlisted candidates  to take over the position  of  Executive Officer of TTD. Though he was a little hesitant  initially to accept the position in view of  his plans to settle down in Hyderabad,  an ordeal his young daughter had gone  through made  him decide  in favour of the offer and give  his consent to occupy the post. The incident is a prelude to several other events that took place which strengthened   the author’s belief in “Naham Kartha, Hari Kartha”, (I am not the doer, SriHari is) and these are narrated in the 30 odd chapters of the book. Though all his experiences as well as  of  those of  the   devotees of the Lord  are graphically presented in a lucid style, some  incidents  mentioned  in the book are sure to  touch the hearts of readers.

In the chapter,“The  Ardent Wish Of  The  Devotee And The Lord ’’ Prasad  talks of his “impulsive” decision  jumping all protocol  to appoint Sri Rallapalli Anantakrishna Sarma, as TTD  “astana Vidwan.” Sri Sarma, a great scholar was associated with the Annamacharya project launched by Prasad to popularize the famous poet composer’s devotional songs in praise of Lord Srinivasa. The  scholar had toiled for years transcripting the  “keertanas” ’from the copper plates unraveling the language  of Annamacharya’s  time and bringing to light the values embedded in the keertanas  and Prasad thought he richly deserved  the appointment as Poet Laureate. Did the reward for the Lord’s devotee come too late? What were the consequences of Prasad’s decision? The chapter answers these questions.  

In ‘The  Demanding  Lord And The Satisfied Devotee”  Prasad  talks of his dilemma  when he was  faced with a precarious situation  which made him once again  transgress  rules in order to  justify a 20-member group of devotees’  faith in the Lord.    

“Destiny  Decides  Even “Darshan” proves, true to the saying “Man proposes, God disposes’’ one  can have darshan of the Lord  only when “He” wills it  notwithstanding  the  high official  position the  devotees  might occupy, official or otherwise. One such devotee’s (the then Chief Secretary of A.P.) experience is related and I would like to quote his observation to the author: “One day you might become the Chief Secretary. But there is no greater post than that of the Executive Officer. As Chief Secretary I had to struggle a lot for the call from the Lord to have one darshan. But you have been blessed by the Lord to have His darshan so many times and to attend to His devotees daily”

The author concludes the chapter with a query : “Innumerable have been instances of people coming with high level recommendations not having satisfactory darshan, and the nameless without any recommendation having the satisfaction of a great darshan. Why does it happen?”

Prasad strongly believes in the saying that marriages are made in heaven and he feels his daughter Madhavi’s marriage is proof that they still do. The   chapter is a detailed personal account of how the marriage came about in a jiffy.

The volume is well got up with some pictures interspersed but the price could have been more reasonable for a book of this kind.

N. Meera Raghavendra Rao


8 thoughts on “When I saw Tirupati Balaji (Naham Kartha)

  1. suma

    It’s a must for Lord balaji’s devotess.I have the telugu book and read it once one or two years back and now I am reading one chapter each night to recharge myself. In life we all face different difficult situations but once the event is over, when you see it from far, it appears really “naham karta, hari kartah”. Shri PVRK is lucky to have such a long association with TTD and we are lucky in the sense that he had penned all his experiences in such a lucid manner that it always keeps you mentally fit.When you read about the article (in this book)about Dasa movement it gives you a path,tells you who and what you shoud be. overall it is not just devotional but a margadarsika. And Shri PVRK happened to be a powerful instrument in bringing it out. Thank you all.

  2. meera rao

    what a pleasant surprise Suma to see your name and feedback on my blog.Happy to know you read the book and are continuing to do so .Keep visiting my blog and post your valuable comments.

  3. ram mohan

    i have listen to the some of PVRK Prasad gari experiences in tirumala ..I really want to read this book. Can any one please let me know where can i get the copy of this book ( preferably in telugu) .

    Ram ..

  4. Mala

    Blessed are the people who have read this book, whether in Kannada or Tamil or Telugu or English.!!!! Keep falling in love with the lord again and again and again!,,,!!!!!!
    Thankyou Mr. Prasad

  5. santosh

    I happened to read only preview of this book in Google books section. Today when you visit tirumala you can see the spacious Mada veedees gali gopuram the sreenivasam queue complex varaha swami temple all these went through a ton of changes during prasad gari tenure. There was no Masada Veedi and all the various
    matas were cramped including the veyyi kala madapa. Without these changes today a visit to tirumala would not have been so comfortable experience for devotees. It is so strange that the lord choose prasad garu for all these changes to happen. He is so blessed. Even his daughters marriage happens in so strange circumstances that Mr prasad Garu only had some eight thousand bucks in his account and every thing happened because of the lord. There is no limit to the lord venkataramanas grace. I want the same love and grace from lord.

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