Chai, Chai

Chai, Chai

Bishwanath Ghosh



I was intrigued by the title and for once completed the 200 odd pages almost in one sitting with short breaks of course. I was not able to decide which of the two failed to arouse my interest, the places the author visited or the people he met during his travels.

Ghosh  has covered  the big and small towns,  Mughal Sarai, Jhansi , Itarsi in the North and Guntakal, Arkonam, Jolarpettai  and  Shoranur in the South and  he  goes into details  not so much about  what the places have to offer to a travel lover to lure him to these but  manages to put him off  by  dwelling on the seamy side  of them. We come  to know  more about  the food and drink  he has consumed  which   leaves one with  the impression  that how important  a bottle of whisky  is to inspire  a journalist  to write his story.

The redeeming feature however is his style and sense of humour which comes through in some of the experiences he relates. The book should have been titled Chai,Coffee  because in the South  you hear Coffee,Coffee more than Chai,Chai  when the  trains steam into stations.

 n.meera raghavendra rao   


One thought on “Chai, Chai

  1. orrvee

    In Arakonam and Jolarpettai, what you hear is kappi, kappi. In Shoranur, it is Kopy, Kopy!
    You have to add to the whiskey the number of cigarettes the author smoked during his travels. How is Khajuraho relevant to his theme? I will give the book a two star rating.

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