Usha Raja’s writeup on Feature Writing book launch

The book launch of the eminent journalist N. Meera Raghavendra Rao’s feature writing was attended by the crème-de-la crème of the Indian society at Landmark on the 18th June 0 ‘9.

The architect of green revolution and a man with a green thumb,                   Prof. M S Swaminathan presided over the function and eulogized Meera for her exemplary style and her down to earth portrayal of incidents which he was certain would captivate the readers.  Sreekumar Menon of Asian College of Journalism stressed the need for such books which is a guide to aspiring journalists.  The book spans a broad spectrum of   topics which will enable the journalists and budding writers to follow.  He felt it is a ready reckoner for college students. 

Feature writing pic1

 Prof. M S Swaminathan addresses gathering

Seated: The author and Mr. Sreekumar Menon

Meera in her usual informal style thanked PHI -India, the publishers of the book, guests and the audience for gracing the event.  She also felt that a person should give a personal touch in their writings as it reflects their character.  Her close contact with men and matters has made her   to embark on her literary expedition.  Her quick repartees to a few questions were laced with humour.An enjoyable event which explored the myriad facets of feature writing.

Usha Raja


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